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Do auction catalogers do this on purpose? Re 41-s Walkers.

There were two 41-s Walkers auctioned by Heritage. Coin A had the most incredible strike that you'll ever see, and the description actually highlighted a softness (and basically part of the design that just does not exist on any D or S after 1936 ever).

"...well-detailed design elements, with a touch of the usual softness on the eagle's trailing leg..."

Coin B had what I'd call a barely above average strike, really nothing that special, and the title and description hyped the strike.

"1941-S Walking Liberty Half, MS67 Sharply Struck

...The 1941-S is one of the foremost of the S-mint strike rarities from the 1940s. This example is remarkably strong with almost complete skirt lines and clear separation between the thumb and forefinger."

Is this just maybe a coincidence and a bit sloppy descriptions or are they purposely up-playing the worse coin figuring the good one didn't need the hype? I'd be quite annoyed if I was coin A's consignor. I believe I've seen similar examples of this.

Coin A (pcgs ms66+ cac, sold for $21,600, yep holy cow! I used to have the record breaking ms66+ coin but not anymore.)

Coin B (ngc ms67, sold for $7500)


  • I like A better with the better strike
  • I am partial to B. It sings. It is also a lot of coin for the wampum difference, to me.

    Maybe it is the photography, and the color breaks that make the Lady and the Eagle in B seem alive and more dimensional.

    A has a bland appearance to my eyes. I am not very enamored and admittedly not academically focused on the minutiae of the strike differences.
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    I also would take coin B for eye appeal….and at 1/3 the cost of coin A even with better strike. The curve becomes too steep here….
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    Auction companies get paid to sell coins, and whatever anyone thinks of the commentary it certainly did not hinder the results for coin A. Coin A does have a great obv strike, however, the rev is just slightly less impressive imo. Coin B has a better rev strike but the obv is lacking and more the norm for the date/mm. I can only guess the at least a couple of bidders felt coin A had a shot to go a full grade or more if cracked, seems like quite a gamble from the photos here, but that would explain the unusually high auction result.

    From just these photos coin A seems quite bland but I suspect in hand the luster is very strong. Coin B's photos do give the coin more life and the rim color on the rev really helps to lift the coin.

    Having said that, and while not as impressively struck as either coin A or B, I like my current 66+ CAC coin just as much or more. Especially considering it cost me far far less than either of these two!

  • The watery depth sheen of your piece is something that when I see it, I cancel any and all negatives to a coin. When I was a kid, an accomplished hobbyist would say to me: "Can you see the fish? Can you see the deep pools where they hide? ". I love that appearance. Note A and B above don't come close.
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